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Tai Lopez – How To Make Money Online Free Download

In this video I just checked my phone and one of my online businesses has made over $14,000 in a single day selling daily household items.
To get started for yourself it just takes these 4 simple steps you can check out by watching the video above.
But, this video isn’t going to be available forever. It’s only going to be here on this website for a few more days, so watch it now while you still can and watch it to the end to learn how you can start making money online like I did through this case study.
I’m only letting a select few people into this brand new program. Only people who follow me online are allowed to get this (if you’re reading this, then you are invited to join). I’m testing this out and I’ve never shared this information with anyone before.
How do you think your life would be if you had an automated online business making you an extra $10k a day? Imagine what lifestyle you would have. Would you get a beach house in San Diego you can escape to like I do? Or maybe you would sell everything and just travel the world and live in exotic countries?
When you have the freedom that an online business brings you, you can do whatever you want.
If you want to get into this exclusive test group, I’m only giving you this one chance to get in. If you qualify to get in, I will bring in all my ecommerce friends who are killing it and we will teach you in this course how you can get started doing this too.
Just give us the next few months and we will change your life. We will show you what kinds of products you need to be looking for, how to setup your store, the best way to market and advertise, and how to keep your business organized to make it easier on you.
Watch the above presentation now, because it will be taken down in a few days. If you miss this, you will regret missing your one big chance.


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Gabriel Beltran – The Ecom Millionaire Download

Discover What You Need To Know About Setting Up And Running A Profitable Online Business..

What You Will Learn Inside This Training:

Secret #1: Setting Up Your Online Store – Complete Set Up Done For YouSecret #2: How To Find Hot Products
– Million Dollar Products HuntSecret #3: How To Scale From $100 a Day To $1000 – $10,000 – To $40,000 Plus!
– 3 Scaling Steps To 7 Figures Per Month

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Ben Adkins – Local Mind Hacking Platinum Free Download

What You’re Getting Inside:

The Full Walkthrough of what a “Local Mind Hack” is and how you can use it to get an unfair advantage when selling Local Services.The Psychology Behind “Local Mind Hacking”: These are the powerful innate psychological processes that make what we’re doing possible.Hack #1: The Coffee Card MethodHack #2: The Emergency Contacts TechniqueHack #3: The Cookie CandleHack #4: The Annotated Printout (AKA Ben’s Workhorse)Hack #5: The Newspaper Laminate[Platinum Package Only] The Local Mind Hack Live Immersion with Dr Ben Adkins (I’ll walk you through everything and answer all of your questions Live).[Platinum Package Only] Hack #6: The Local Award Technique (a very special Local Mind Hack that takes everything in your Local Business to the Next Level).[Platinum Package Only] A Month in The Life of a Local Mind Hacker (I’ll show you exactly what I do everyday and how I integrate Local Mind Hacking into selling my Local Services.)[Platinum Package Only] How to Mind Hack Yourself into Getting Clients (I’ll show you how I trick myself into being productive every week and into actually implementing the mind hacks so that they bring me business).

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Henry Gold – IM Farewell Package Free Download

What am I going to receive?

As you can see above, Henry Gold???s IM Fare wall Package consists of over 150 GB of source codes templates, DFY packages, high ??? ticket scripts, phone scripts for $2k to $ 10k program, 100 000 subscribers traffic lab, hundreds of PLR products, 500+ video courses, and tutorials, unfinished projects that I paid to consult with high-paying consultant which will generate over $2,000,000 per year business and much more.
Basically, your audience will receive EVERY tools, resources, and even ROLODEX that allows to build a $ 300,000 per year business. Here is the summary of what you???ll receive:
PART1: You???ll Own The Source Codes of All 26 Done ??? For- You Funnel System Where You Will Have Instant Cash to Your PayPal ??? You don’t need to create The products. They are all DONE-FOR-YOU. You just need to make cash from them or you can even slap your name and start making money from these high-demand products right away.
PART 2: You???ll Own The Source of All 57 Done-For-You High-Converting Sales Letter of Front-End and Back End Offers. Where They Convert Between 10% to 40% Sales Ratio on The Front-End and UP to 75% on The Back-end. You don???t need to write your own sales copies. NOTE: You will just slap your name and start making money from These products right away.
PART 3: You???ll Own The Source of All?? 26 Done-For You Joint Venture Pages. These are The Exact Affiliate Pages We Have Crafted to Make Sure That It Will Give You The Highest Conversion on Recruiting. The Partners For Your Own Launch. NOTE: All These 26 pages?? have given us millions of visitors to our launches. The best part is??? You just need to slap your own name.
PART4: You???ll Own 200+ Done- For- Your Affiliate Swipe Files You Can Use to Motivate Affiliate to Send You Free Traffic. This will include regular JV promo tools, JV Invite letters, personal invite letters. FB messenger invites, exclusive invitation invites, and much more. Further, you will also receive hundreds of banners that you can modify as you wish. Basically, you have everything you need to get partners to give you free traffic.
PART 5: You???ll Own 1,500 + Email Swipe Files I???ve Been Using to Generate Six-Figure Per Year NET profit By Promoting Affiliate Product. These swipes have been proven & tested to generate six-figure per year for three years, In fact, you will know which products I promote as I will show you as it is. This allows you COPY-N-PASTE my campaign that I did or modify them as you wish.
PART 6: You???ll Own All The Source Codes of 15 Proven & Tested Bonus Page Templates. We Used on Each Launch to Boost The Sales Conversion From 7 % ??? 8 % to Over 15% or Higher. In addition, you will also receive the BONUSES we provide to each client. This allows you to sell them as it is.
PART 7: You???ll Own All The Source Codes of 17 Raw Bonus Page Templates. We Used in Getting Up to 50 % Sales Conversion on Each Affiliate Products That We Promote Regardless The Products. We Have tested these bonus pages and won many affiliate contests and generated thousands of dollars on revenue in as little as 48 hours. This will include the affiliate swipe files that we used to sell those products!
PART 8:?? You???ll Receive Access to All 57 Premium Products. This will Include FB marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Snapchat Marketing, FB Live Marketing, JVZoo Crusher, Email Marketing, PLR marketing, Blog Marketing, Joint Venture Marketing, Bog Money Blueprint, Small List Big Profit, and Much More. Basically, you will own every product that I have. PERIOD.
PART 9: You???ll Also Receive 300+ Auto- Responder Emails. You can Use, Edit, and Modify to Build Powerful Relationship With Your Audience as well as Selling Affiliate Products. They have been tested to build powerful relationship with your audience. Yes, you will even know what I promote on each email I send out!
PART 10: You???ll Also Receive The Source Code of All 100+ Lead Hoover Pages on Various Niches. You can customize them. You can modify them. You can use them as it is. Each lead hoover pages have been designed to give you a higher than usual opt- in rate.?? In addition, some of the squeeze pages we use has even converted more than 75% opt-in-rate. So, they are all yours.
PART 11: You???ll Also Receive The Source Codes of All SIX Strategy Session Pages and Thank You Pages. I use to Close Clients at The Price of $ 2,500 to?? $3,500 in 30 Minutes. In addition, you can modify the page, send the info to your email or any email addresses of your choice, as well as utilizing the redirection pages where it will help you to reduce missing appointments.
PART 12: You???ll Also Receive 30- Minute Phone Call Scripts I???ve Been Using For More Than Nine Years?? to Keep Closing Clients at The Price of $ 2,500,?? $ 3,500, and All The Way to $ 10,500 a Pop. This is The ONLY script I have been using to close any clients of my choice by just talking with them for 30 minutes.
PART 13: You???ll Also Receive All The Source Codes of Webinar Series in The Format of MP3 files and Power Point Presentation Slides I have Been Using to Close Potential Clients from Free Live Webinars to Strategy Session. You???ll see with your eyes on how I pre-sold them to a $3,000 offer. This has helped me to close 70% of the people I talked with on a one ??? on-one phone call.
PART 14:?? You???ll Also Receive All The Source Codes of The webinar series I Used to Sell My Audience at The Price of $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 Via Live Webinar Series. You will receive the EXACT emails I send, the exact script I used, as well as the exact offers I provide to my audience. Plus, you will also see how I close the audience at $3,000 a pop.
PART 15: You???ll Also Receive All The Source Codes of Done- For-You Membership Sales Letters, Shameless Bribe Page, Images, Swipe Files, and Email Series I Use to Close Clients at The Price of $ 39-95 per Month. This is how I was able to receive more than 200+ members in seven days.
PART 16: You???ll Also Receive All The Source Codes of Done- For-You Membership Sales Letters, Shameless Bribe Page, Images, Swipe Files, and Email Series I Use to Close Clients at The Price of $ 97and$147 per Month. This is the technique I used to receive over $150,000 per year in residual cash.
PART 17: You???ll Also Receive All The Source Codes of Done- For-You Membership Sales Letters, Shameless Bribe Page, Images, Swipe Files, and Email Series I Use to Close Clients at The Price of $ 497and$797 per Month. This is the technique I used to Receive over $150,000 per year in residual cash.
PART 18: You???ll Also Receive All The Source Codes of $ 497and$797?? AND $ 1,500 Program. This includes The Swipe Files, the Email Templates, and The Exact Strategies I used to close The sales??? This is the techniques I used to receive over $60,000 in 60 days.
PART 19: You???ll Also Receive 300+ High-Quality Private Label Rights You Can Sell to Your Audience, Bonuses When They Purchase Your Products, Contents For Membership Sites, Free Gifts For Visitors Who Opt- in to Your List, and Much More???
PART 20: You???ll?? Receive 100+ Premium Software Products With Private Label Rights or Master Resale Rights. You?? can Sell to Audience, Use as Bonuses When They Purchase Your Products, Contents For Membership Sites, Free Gifts For Visitors Who Opt-in to Your List, and Much More??? Basically, you can use them as you wish. They are all yours.
PART 21: You???ll?? Receive 500+ Video Courses, Video Tutorials, As Well As Webinar Series I have done For More Than 10 Years. This allows you to understand every scope of marketing. It will include affiliate marketing, free traffic strategies, paid traffic strategies, FB marketing, twitter marketing, email marketing, Joint Venture marketing, and much more.
On top of that, you will receive tutorials such as: how to set-up your domain name, hosting auto- responder, broadcast emails, FTP, install blog, Facebook fan pages, FB groups, Camtasia studio and much more. Well there are literally hundreds of video tutorials that are available to you!
PART 22: You???ll Also Receive Full-blown Home-Study Course (M1M package vol. II.) This home ???study course is a 700+ pages step-by-step guide that allows you to understand a full scope of marketing from market research and All The way to get massive free traffic for your business. Plus, you will also receive the source code where you can sell it your Own.
PART 23: You???ll Also Receive Full-Copywriting Home-Study Courses ( The Copywriting Secret), where it will show you all the details on what you need to do to create sales letter, OTO offers, email marketing that converts. Plus, you will also receive all the source codes where you can sell it as your Own.
PART 24: You???ll Also Receive TEN White Label Software Where You Can Use Them to Grow Your Business to The Next Level. Some of the software products have been used to create massive followers on Twitter on the run, Right now, marketers are pricing them at the price of $1,200 per year. However, you can use them for your business.
PART 25: You???ll Also Receive All interviews I Have Done With Social Media Influencers, Self- Improvement Gurus, Top Software Developers, Affiliate Marketers, CEOs, New York Time Best-Selling Authors, and Much More??????
PART 26: You???ll Also Receive 500+ Royalty-Free Soundtrack and Background Music. You Can Use on Your Video Sales Letters. Thank You Pages, Tutorials, and Much More??? They come with different Themes, This includes hard rock, soft rock, motivation, classical, jazz, sound track, and much more. It also means that you don???t need to pay pennies on sound track music in The future.
PART 27: You???ll Also Receive over 200,000 + Royalty-Free Articles You Can Use for Your Contents, Blog Posts, Articles, Press releases, Membership Sites, and Much More . Since they are royalty-free you can even use Them as incentive to buy your products. They are All brand-new and professional written. This allows you to look awesome in front of your audience.
PART 28: You???ll Also Receive over 200,000 + Royalty-Free Images, Icons, Logo You can Use as Background Images of Your Posts on FB, Images for Your Blog, Images on Your Sales Letters as well as Slides of Your Power Point Presentations. Well, They are all yours. You don???t need to pay royalty to The rightful Owners.
PART 29: You???ll Also Receive Hundreds of Traffic Lab Materials that Allows me to Receive 100,000+ Subscribers. This includes Banners, Advertising Templates, Email Swap Templates, Solo Ad Templates, Classified Ads Templates, Click banking Templates, Thank You Page Ads, Bonus Page Ad Templates, Rolodex, Viral Marketing Strategies, and Much More???. Further, you will Also Receive case studies, resources, rolodex FB Groups URLs, Rolodex, traffic resources and All The secrets I used to Receive more than 100,000 subscribers and over 650,000 lifetime subscribers are utilizing FREE TRAFFIC strategies.

No sugar coating, No holds ??? barred. Basically, you will own ??? EVERYTHING. This?? allows you to work less,?? make more, and enjoy the lifestyle you have been aiming for. (However, there is more below???)As it is important for you to see in details on what you are going to receive, let me break it down in details on each element you are going to receive and why you need to get them now: ( ONLY 500 LICENSES AVAILABLE!)

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Mike Dillard – Mentoring 2017 Download

The Mentoring program is broken down into four stages that correspond with your progression as an entrepreneur???




In Stage 1 of MD Mentoring, YOU are the focus???In order to build a successful business and create a significant income of $50K/Mo, or even $500K/Mo, you need to become a person who is actually capable of achieving that result.Ideas and opportunities are worthless unless you have the ability to execute them.So in our first four lessons, we???re going to focus on turning you into a finely tuned entrepreneurial machine.Myself and my colleagues are going to teach you about goal-setting, personal productivity, optimizing your health and energy, and your mindset when it comes to money.This isn???t ???fluff???. This is the mental and physical foundation you???ll need to get through the challenges you???ll face as an entrepreneur every single day. Without it, you won???t have the direction, focus, or stamina you???ll need to reach your goals.


Ultimately, our lives are a direct reflection of our daily habits over time.If you want to truly change your life??? If you want to lose weight, be more productive, or achieve your goals faster, you have to create a new set of daily habits that will support those goals.But as you probably know, that???s easier said than done.Well in this lesson, I???ll introduce you to an incredibly simple, but effective process I learned from my friend Hal Elrod, which will completely change your life.It???s a very specific morning routine that WORKS, even if you don???t have a lot of discipline.If you want to learn how to successfully implement a new set of daily habits that will change every aspect of your life for the better, this lesson will teach you how.



Becoming a successful entrepreneur isn???t an accident. It???s a process of self-development and refinement over time. We literally build ourselves first, and success in our businesses follows as a result.This process starts with your mindset and with your goals.The life you live today is a physical manifestation of the thoughts and goals you???ve had for the previous 5-10 years.If you want to change what your life looks like five years from now, we have to change your mindset, thoughts, and goals TODAY.To help you do that, I???ve enlisted the help of my good friend here in Austin, David Osborn.David is the single best person I know when it comes to systematically setting and accomplishing goals.He???s built his real estate firm to more than $7 BILLION dollars in annual sales, owns his own plane, and is in better shape than anyone else I know.The success he???s had is not an accident, or luck.He???s used the methods he???s going to teach YOU in this lesson, to systematically create the life of his dreams, and now know you???ll know how to do the same using the same process.



In order to become a great parent, you must observe great parenting. In order to become a champion, you must train with champions. As humans, we learn through observation and modelling.
Who you model, will determine who you become.In this lesson I???m going to introduce you to someone I model extremely closely???Charlie Garcia is one of the most successful businessmen, and family men that I???ve ever met.He was a White House Fellow, and graduated with a law degree from Columbia University.In 2006 he was appointed by President George W. Bush to Chairman of the Board for the United States Air Force Academy Board of Visitors, and was awarded the Distinguished Public Service Medal by the Secretary of the US Air ForceSince then, he has been appointed to advisory roles by four US Presidents, including President George Bush Sr., President Clinton, President George W Bush, and President Obama.In addition to his public service accomplishments, Charlie is also the founder of a hedge fund, as well as a financial services company, and insurance agency with over 225 agents.But as he???ll tell you, his most important role is that of a husband and a father to his daughters.In this lesson, Charlie will teach you the foundational values that have guided his decisions in life, and allowed him to accomplish so many extraordinary achievements.You???ll learn how to raise successful and responsible kids who understand and respect money.Do you have ever disagreements with your spouse, children, or friends?You???ll learn a priceless communication tool that will revolutionize the you communicate with the people you care about, and allow you to turn heated disagreements, into productive conversations.Charlie has also managed a large hedge-fund, and he???s one of the most successful investors I???ve ever met. You???ll learn his philosophies and strategies when it comes to investing, and building long-term wealth???


As entrepreneurs, we subject our bodies to some of the highest workloads and stress levels in the world.When I was building my first company around 2005, I worked about 14 hours per day and didn???t take a single day off for over three years.As my business grew, I had to deal with the fact that I was responsible for feeding 12 employees and their families each and every day. When sales weren???t where they needed to be, it was insanely stressful.Add in the rest of your life outside of work like your relationships, family members, and kids, and it adds up quickly.The bottom line is that you can???t give your business 100% of your efforts, if you body isn???t there to support you.Your energy levels, your focus, and your stamina are all dependent upon your health and fitness levels.In this lesson, you???ll learn how to create a simple health routine that I???ve used for the past two years to transform my life, and how it can do the same for you.If you want to lose weight???If you want to increase your energy levels???And if you want to increase focus so you can get the job done, this lesson is for you???

Stage 2:

Growing Your Business With Traffic, Sales, And Branding Mastery???

In Stage 2, well focus on starting, growing, and scaling your business???If you need help with a business idea, branding, sales, audience-building, or traffic, these lessons will provide you with the answers you???ve been looking for???


If you???re anything like me, one of the questions I continue to ask other successful entrepreneurs is, ???how did you do it????As humans, we???re programmed to seek out the knowledge of others who have already blazed the trail before us, so we can avoid obstacles, or discover shortcuts along the way.In fact, that???s the entire reason why I created Mike Dillard Mentoring??? To pass along the knowledge and experiences I???ve gained while building two, $25 Million companies from scratch??? And give you a massive shortcut to success in the process.So in our very first lesson, I???m going to walk you through the biggest secrets to my success, so you can apply them to your business.If you???re brand new and on a budget, I???ll teach you how I went from dead-broke and waiting tables, to writing and selling my very first ebook.I didn???t have a team. I didn???t have an advertising budget, and I didn???t have a previous track record of success to point to.What I did have, was a great solution to a common problem.Within just a few months, I went from waiting tables, to making over $50,000/Mo.Two years later, that business grew to more than $500,000/Mo in revenue.I???ll show you exactly how this was done, so that you can apply the same strategies to your situation and your business, even if you???re just starting out.After that, I???ll teach you how to create a product that stands out in a crowded, competitive market.I???ll teach you how to advertise and generate leads for free.I???ll walk you through the same method I???ve used to build an email list of more than 500,000 subscribers.And I???ll teach the how to build a business that stands the test of time, so you don???t become one of those, ???here today, gone tomorrow??? founders.


You can have the best product or service in the world, but no one will ever buy it if they don???t see it.The only way to grow a large business that generates sales every single day, is to advertise.This is the single biggest difference between small business owners who struggle, and large business owners who make millions of dollars.Master traffic, and you???ll never have to worry about money again.So in Mike Dillard Mentoring, we???re going to solve your, ???traffic problems??? once and for all???You???ll sit down with Jason and I as we walk you through my actual Facebook advertising campaigns.We???ll walk you through our funnel, show you the ads we use, the landing pages, and everything in between.Next we???ll break down all of the numbers and show you how we routinely make over $400,000/Mo in sales every single month from completely cold traffic.By the time you???re done with this lesson, you???ll know exactly how to create a success Facebook advertising campaign that can produce millions of dollars in sales and revenue each year.I???ll even give you the contact information to the agencies I use, who can set up and run your campaigns for you.This lesson alone is worth 10X the price of this entire mentoring program.


If you are someone who wants to???Build a large following and audience???
Become an expert or guru in your niche???
Get invited to speak at industry events???
Get interviewed by the media???
Serve your audience by sharing your knowledge
Sell more of your product or service???
Or build a personal brand that can make you millions in revenue???Then this lesson is for you.12 years ago, I wrote my very first e-Book, and it completely changed my life. You can do the same, and today we???ll teach you how.We???ll be joined by one of the most successful authors in the world, Tucker Max. Tucker has managed to write three, #1 NYT Best-Selling books, and he knows this book industry like the back of his hand.If you want to become an authority in your niche, and a best-selling author, you???ll like how to do that today in Mike Dillard Mentoring.


Let???s be honest??? Making money online can be confusing. There are new tools, strategies, and methods that pop up every month.Well after building two, $25 Million companies over ten years, I can tell you this???99% of it is a complete waste of your time.The most successful online entrepreneurs I know, all use the exact same process???Whether you???re selling software, a book, cooking classes, yoga routines, potato guns, or anything else you can imagine???There???s only one marketing strategy that you need to know???Which is how to create a marketing funnel that allows you to instantly make back the money you spend on advertising each and every day. Once you do this, you can advertise forever, and for free.Scale this process up, and you???re little startup that???s making a few $100 per month, will be making $100,000/Mo or more.This is how I do it. This is how Russell Brunson does it, and this is what we???re going to teach YOU how to do today as well.


Congratulations! You???re a brand new business owner??? But there???s one big problem??? You have no money, no advertising budget, and no team???How to you break through these challenges and build a company from the ground, up?How do you get your first customers, and how do you keep them?And then how do you grow that little company into a $100 Million monster in an incredibly crowded market?Well in this lesson, I???m gong to introduce you to my good friend, Andy Firsella.Andy???s going to take you behind the scenes of 1st Phorm Nutrition as a company and a brand, and give you a world-class education on how he???s built it from the ground up.The lessons you???re about to learn apply to any kind of company, in any industry, and we???re going to cover a lot of ground???Andy???s in one of the most crowded markets in the world with hundreds of competing brands, so he???s going to teach you how to create a product that stands out from the crowd.He???s going to teach you how he started to make his first sales when he was broke and without a marketing budget.Once you do have customers, you have to do everything you can to keep them, so Andy???s going to teach you how to create a culture and a brand that people stay loyal to.Part of building that culture is providing your customers with different ways to live your brand, such as apparel, so he???s going to teach you some of the most valuable lessons they???ve learned developing the 1st Phorm Apparel line.This is a MUST WATCH lesson that will give you the critical pieces of wisdom you need to make your breakthrough.


Stage 3:

How To Build Wealth And Protect

Your Assets???

In Stage 3, we???ll dive to what might be the most important part of your business career??? Learning how to save, invest, and protect the money your business makes.Producing income and building lifelong wealth are two very different things.It???s not about how much you make, but how much you keep, and I can tell you from personal experience that keeping your money can be even harder than making it???Thankfully, you???ll have a chance to learn from my mistakes, so you can avoid them completely???


One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face, is that the mindset and skills needed to invest and build wealth such as patience, diligence, and discipline, are the exact opposite to the skills that make us successful in business, such as a willingness to make quick decisions, and take risks.This is definitely a problem that I???ve struggled with over the years, and I needed a solution???That solution arrived in the form of a strategy I learned from my advisor Patrick.What he???s going to teach you in this lesson, is a very simple, and safe way to protect and grow the money that your business makes.Getting rich is not about what you make. It???s about what you keep, and this strategy is all about keeping your money.I am personally fond of it because it has quite a few benefits???It provides a guaranteed return that averages around 5% per year, without risk of principle, which means the amount will never drop, even if the market does.It enables you to take out your money whenever you want, without penalty.In most states it provides protection against creditors, so you???ll never have to worry about losing your retirement money due to a lawsuit or bankruptcy.Unlike 401K???s or IRA???s, there???s no limit to how much you can invest.It allows you to ???be your own bank???, so you can buy your home, cars, and other large purchases from yourself, so you earn the interest instead of a bank.And best of all, it allows you to pull out 100% of my money TAX FREE when you decide to retire???If you want to learn how to safely accumulate and save up a large amount of money automatically, so that you can achieve real financial security, Patrick and I will show you one of the smartest ways you can do that.


What you???re going to learn here in Mike Dillard Mentoring will help you start to produce more income.But do you know what to do with that money once you make it?If you want to build true wealth and financial freedom, you need to know how to invest that money into other assets that create passive income, like cash flow real estate.But most people have no idea how to actually find, or invest in deals like that.Well today I???m going to solve that problem for you.I???m going to introduce you to some very good friends of mine here in Austin, who are some of the best real estate investors in the world.They???ll teach you exactly how this industry works, and you can even invest in their funds like I have.If you???d like a simple, turn-key way to invest in apartment complexes that can produce passive income and reduce your taxes, this lesson will change your life.


Imagine that one day you???re driving down the street, minding your own business on a beautiful spring day.All of the sudden you phone beeps with a text message and you look down real quick to see who it???s from.It???s your wife. There???s some kind of an emergency so you click on the message to read the entire thing, and as you do, you catch a glimpse of a silver streak of metal out of the corner of your eye, just as your broadside a family car because you blew through a red light at an intersection.The driver is injured with some broken bones, but alive.Two weeks later a gentleman walks up to your door, and hands you an envelope. You???ve just been served in a personal injury lawsuit.Two years later, a jury awards the victim with a judgement, and you lose everything.Your stock account and retirement fund is frozen and liquidated. Your savings are completely drained, and you even lost your car.Anything that you could call an asset, now belongs to them. You???re 45 years old, and an entire lifetime of work and savings is gone. You have absolutely nothing.But the really sad part about all of this, is that it could have been prevented if you had simply taken the time to sit down and talk with the gentleman I???m about to introduce you to.His name is Kevin Day, and he???s my Estate Planner and asset protection attorney.Today he???s going to teach you how to lawsuit-proof your life.You???ll find out why a ???Will??? is completely useless???Why most legal entities won???t actually protect you from a lawsuit???And how to make sure that your business and financial empire is never taken away from you by someone else.This is a MUST-WATCH lesson that every entrepreneur needs to see, and take action on immediately.

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