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Iman Gadzhi – Kaizen Cure free download

Iman Gadzhi
• Mentored over 1,017+ people through online programs and in person events
7 Figure earner at the age of 18
• On a mission to reform the education system
What Is This Course All About?

After mentoring nearly a thousand students, I’ve started to see a distinct pattern between those who fulfil their potential and those that don’t. It had to do with what they were doing outside of their business that was having a direct link to it. Things like their mindset, their health, their routines, their systems & structures and their social circle.
Kaizen cure is for those who currently have a business and want to take it to the next level, whether you’re trying to go from $0-$10k per month or from $10-50k per month. The secrets and hacks within this program are the ONLY differences between the ultra successful to those still struggling.
Week 1: Free Your Mind

  • The Reason You’re Re-Living The Same Day (CRAZY Revelation)
  • How To Break Out Of Your Viscous Loop
  • You Are Not Your Mind (How I Disciplined My Mind)
  • Momentum Is Money
  • The Only Variable To Your Success…
  • You Get What You Think You Deserve (The Reason You Self-Sabotage)
  • How To Start Meditation For Beginners
  • Meditation Advice From My Coach
  • The Life Changing Gratitude Exercise (Life Changing)
  • Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Week 2: Heal Your Body

  • The Money Is In Your Sleep
  • Intermittent Fasting Crash Course (How I Work SMARTER Than Others)
  • The Best Supplement Stack (INSANE Benefits)
  • The Cure For Cravings
  • Hacks For Peak Energy & How It Changed My Life
  • Understanding The Thermogenic Effect

Week 3: Secure Your Systems

  • How I Wake Up At 5:30AM With 3 SIMPLE Tools
  • My ‘Money’ Morning Routine
  • My Night Time Routine
  • How I Plan My Days For Max. Efficiency
  • Build A Fence Around Social Media & Get Shit Done
  • Apps & Software To Make Your Life Easier

Week 4: Transcend Your Social

  • How To Audit Your Circle & Decide Who To Keep
  • How To Network With High Level People
  • How I Met My Mentors (Life Changing)
  • The Secret To Getting Rid Of Toxic People (This’ll Save You)
  • Different Friends For Different Days (How To Build Long Lasting Friendships)
  • The Easiest Way To Network At Scale
  • How To Deal With Hate & Negativity (The 3 ‘No BS’ Methods)

Week 5: Bonuses

  • IPAs (My Secret Weapon)
  • How To Buy Success…
  • What To Do If Your Parents Don’t Believe In You
  • How I Built A Whole Ecosystem of Accountability


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Gabriel Machuret – The Agency Bootcamp free download

What you’ll get from The Agency Bootcamp

The goal of The Agency Bootcamp is to give you everything you need in one constantly evolving course.
This is the type of course you can keep on “logging into” because it’s designed to grow with you.
Each month, the Bootcamp produces more videos, more content, more files, and more resources
-You will learn to understand who your clients are, your niche and the best way to reach your audience

Your Clients

You will learn to understand who your clients are, your niche and the best way to reach your audience

Money and Services

This is a crucial part of the training. Understanding your financials, setting up economic goals and planning ways to achieve them. It’s all about $

Getting Clients

How to get clients. Discover the secrets of lead generation: the setup and strategy behind the fastest way to build your client list

Cold Approach

How to outreach and find clients where you least expected. Learn how to leverage social media and industry outreach to find your ideal client

Building Authority

There’s nothing more profitable than building authority, and in this section I’ll explain how to become a “world expert” in any topic (for real)

Selling Web Design & SEO

Selling Web design is a great way to generate leads and increase your cash flow. I’ll explain all the steps you’ll need to follow to build your own Web Design Agency

Social Media

From outreach via social media to Selling Social Media services. Discover the best way to harvest social media and drive more sales and profit to your agency


How to become a “unique agency” and how to brand yourself in a way that’s simply impossible to ignore…

Extra Videos

Easy-to-understand, high-quality Mindmaps present a step by step explanation of how to achieve the goals you set yourself both in your life and in your business

What You Need

We cover the tools, the system, and the resources I use every day in my agency – everything from sales tools to client management systems.


How to hire, how to train, and how to build your own team. In this vital section, you’ll learn how to leverage outsourcing to find the best margins and achieve more in less time

Cold Emailing

Not only do you get my system but (oh my God!) you get my templates too! I’m adding my Cold Emailing course to the Bootcamp 100% free. Copy and paste… adapt and send – Boom!

How to Gather Data

Learn how to gather data about your audience, how to find the decision makers and how to pitch the best potential deals

Selling SEO

Discover the best way to sell SEO and why SEO is the most profitable strategy ever.


Discover why URGENCY is the fuel that drives results when building your agency, and why the only way to build momentum is to follow actionable steps with the most precise goals and guidelines.
The way you approach your pathway to success determines the results you obtain.

What exactly Do you Sell?

The importance of crafting your services and understanding which of those services you should promote and which you shouldn’t if you want to become a profitable agency.

What Are You Willing to Invest?

In my 90 day challenge, I made over $90,000 in sales…. my endeavour was not only profitable, it was also life-changing. By investing time, resources and energy I set myself up for a clear path to success.
Now, watch the video and ask yourself what you want, and what you’re willing to invest to achieve a better life


So many marketing experts fail to market their own agencies and themselves correctly. In this training, we go over the concept of branding, storytelling, and audience building.
More than just blogging and posting on social media, this is the most powerful tool you possess for attracting clients.

Outsourcing leads to growth

Since I launched my Agency, I work less and I earn more. Discover how my business produces leads and how my team close them while I spend time on other activities and projects, like running the Warrior Forum.

Learning to sell from Cold to Hot

You can start selling tomorrow… and yes, you can sell to 100% cold leads using strategies like cold emailing. In this training, you will not only learn how to build your own cold emailing marketing engine, but you’ll also get my top templates for pitching to and engaging with potential targets – just copy and paste!

Who is your Audience?

You can start selling tomorrow… and yes, you can sell to 100% cold leads using strategies like cold emailing. In this training, you will not only learn how to build your own cold emailing marketing engine, but you’ll also get my top templates for pitching to and engaging with potential targets – just copy and paste!

Tools… Do we need them?

Building an agency can be an overwhelming experience, which is why we take you through all the different types of tools and solutions you may need to help you grow while becoming more productive and running a more efficient business. The right tools in the right hands make an enormous difference.

Time Management: Let’s be real

Learn strategies that will maximize your productivity and allow you to devote your time and efforts to things that make a different and to processes that will boost profitability while eliminating the distractions that drive many agencies off the economic rails.

Show me the Money!!!!

How is your agency going to make money?
Learn the strategies, the setup, the mindset, and the most effective approaches to pitching, closing, delivering, and up-selling. Over 100 videos plus hours of in-depth insights into running an agency that will generate profits and repeat clients for years to come.


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Mike Dillard – Elevation Group Full Course Investment free download

Learn How To Invest Like The Ultra Rich:

– 5 Top Tips to Consider When Creating a Revocable Living Trust.
– A Golden Tip On How To Minimize Investment Risk
– credit-score-game
– How to Predict the Future of the Stock Market
– Learn How The Ultra Rich Invested
– What To Do With Your Wealth
– How to Raise Your Children To Become Better Than You
– The Financial Guru and The Ultra Rich
– Learn How To Get Tax Benefit From Rich Dad Adviser and Many More.
– How T o Protect Your Children with LivingTrust
– How To Protect Yourself From lawsuits
– Oil and Gas Investing Strategy Secrets of the Ultra Rich
– Tax Saving Tips When Investing in Oil and Gas
– The Stock Market Tip You Need to Know!
– What You Need to Know About Irrevocable Trusts
– Why You Need A Strong Financial Plan


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Chris Winters – Kallzu Ads free download

Kallzu Ads Is Easily The Most Profitable and Most Successful “Call Only” Training Available Today.

What You’re About To Get Produces Results For Others Too….

The most comprehensive newbie friendly Call Only Ads training on the planet. So you can get successful Call Only campaign up and generating profits as FAST as possible. Start with welcome video giving clear instructions of exactly step-by-step what to do to each day to quickly complete the training. Recall we have VIP Customer Support 7 days a week so you are never alone.

Course Contains:

01-Part 1-Welcome To Kallzu Ads- Start Here!
02-Part 2 Adwords PPCall Affiliate Setup
03-Part 3 Adwords -Tools & Resources
04-Part 4 Adwords PPCall Affiliate Offer Selection
05-Part 5 Adwords PPCall Keyword Discovery
06-Part 6 Adwords-Call Only Ads- Website Build Out
07-Part 10 Kallzu Ads-Coaching Calls
07-Part 7 Adwords-Call Only Ads-Campaigns-Optimization-Scaling
08-Part 8 Adwords-Call Only Ads-Advanced Strategies & Tools
09-Part 9 Adwords-Call Only Ads-Case Studies
12-Kallzu Live 2018, Las Vegas, NV USA


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